Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ordinary is in the eye of the beholder ...

Ah ... my inaugural post. For years now, many have wondered why I haven't joined the blogging world. I am, after all, a "journalist." As if being a journalist made writing easy. So here is my blog ... a little late, but hopefully not overdue.

Growing up, my friends and I couldn't wait for the day when we could blow that proverbial popsicle stand and get the hell out of town. We counted the days, minutes and seconds until we turned 18. Oh, the sweet naivety of teenagers.

We grew up and we all did end up leaving town. They are now scattered across the globe (literally), while I never crossed the state line. I know they think my life is ... ordinary. That somehow, because I never left Kansas, my life is unlived. But that couldn't be more true. Their roads took them across the U.S. and even across the ocean. Mine took me here, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I chose to call my blog "this (extra)ordinary life" because that's just what it is, to me at least. Some may just perceive my life as ordinary, possibly even extra ordinary. But I see something else - the extraordinary. Call it a play on words. Call it witty. Call it stupid. I call it creative liberty ... I call it my blog.

My life, to me, is anything but ordinary. And as far as adventure goes, my greatest adventure yet began just over two years ago - the day I first held my son and forever became known as "mom."

This is my (extra)ordinary life.

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