Sunday, July 26, 2009


There's just something about lazy Saturday afternoons, 3-year-old little boys and the neighborhood ice cream truck ...

Especially when they sell Batman ice cream pops.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Partners in Crime

Little man has a little cousin that is just six months younger than him. They are both blondies and have deep blue eyes - seeing them together some people probably assume they are twins.

She was able to come spend the 4th of July weekend with us, where they had a great time going out to a baseball game, scaling the fort in our backyard, blowing bubbles as far as the eye can see, splashing in the water and generally wreaking havoc wherever they went. It was a good weekend to be a 3-year-old.

Although several states have stood between them thus far, she recently moved a bit closer to us to the great state of Oklahoma. Now that she is closer, I hope that little man his little cousin can see each other more often, for they love their time together. And although she is a girl, she is very much a tomboy.

And when she and the little man get together they are definitely partners in crime.

When everyone had packed and gone home after the long weekend, little man found a picture of his little cousin that Nana had given him.

"She's my little sister," little man said.

"No, buddy," I said, correcting him. "She is your cousin."

"No, she's my sister," he insisted.

"Cousin," I said. "She's your cousin."

Little man paused.

"But I want a baby sister," he said

Mommy paused.

"You need to talk to your father about that one," I finally answered, as little man ran off to find his daddy ...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of the Jumbotron

In a previous post, I shared the moment that little man made his big debut on the big screen during a K-State Football Game.

But a few weeks ago, little man made an even bigger debut.

When you have little boys and live somewhat close to a major league ballpark, summer baseball games are somewhat of a prerequisite.

And make for a fun family afternoon.

So, a few weeks ago we loaded up the car and headed out to "The New K" to catch a baseball game. Little man loves baseball.

As we were sitting enjoying the usual ballpark fare of snow cones and cracker jacks between innings, little man decided to get up and dance on daddy's lap to the music blaring through the load speakers.

The cameras were panning the audience, flashing pictures of people in the audience on the jumbotron.

Then, larger than life, was little man - dancing away on the large screen for the whole park to see.

"MOMMY!" Screamed little man, pointing to himself. "It's ME! I'm on TV!"

Everyone around us began clapping for him.

While most little kids shy away at seeing themselves on screen, my little man ate it up. He smiled for the camera and danced his little legs off.

Unfortunately, mommy was so enamored with seeing her little man on the big screen that she didn't think to pick up the camera in her lap and take a photo.

{bad mommy}

But, he was there. Bigger than life.

And enjoying every moment of it.

As the game ended we walked around the park near the jumbotron.

"I was up there," little man said, pointing to the screen. "I was on TV."

"Yes you were, buddy," I said. "You are a star."