Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Fish

Growing up, my brother and I were always at the pool. My mother loved to swim, so we were both introduced to the water at a very young age.

My mother loves to tell the story of how when I was a baby people would remark about the criss-cross tan lines on my back from my swimming suit and some of my earliest memories are of my mother throwing nickels into the pool so that I could dive down under the water and pick them up.

"I'm a little fish, look at me momma," I would always remark as I surfaced with a hand full of nickels.

The little man is definitely no stranger to water and has dipped his feet in a few lakes, pools and even the ocean on more than one occasion. While we have played with him in the water and have touched on some basics, like kicking his legs in the water, my intention was to always get him in to swim lessons very early so that he, too, could be a little fish.

At least that was my intention.

Then one day I looked up and my little baby was suddenly 4. Time definitely flew by.

As if the time ticking by wasn't motivation enough to finally research local swim lessons, my motivation was increased by the little man's increasing interest in our neighbor's pool and the fact that our family has plans to sail the high seas on a very big "toot-toot boat" (a.k.a. cruise ship) later this summer. (A toot-toot boat that boasts a very large swim area just for people the little man's size.)

So, after some quick Internet research, the little man was officially enrolled in his first swim lessons.

From the very first lesson it was apparent that my child was not going to be afraid of the water. Blowing bubbles, sticking his face in the water, even floating on his back and learning the necessary arm and leg motions to swim were no challenge to him.

And he met each challenge with a great big smile.

His first swim test would come this week - the deciding factor about whether or not he passed this first level and was cleared to move on to the next one.

And, of course, he met the challenge once again with a great big smile.

As he was handed his certificate and reward of fruit snacks, the little man could barely hold in his excitement.

"You did a very good job, buddy," I said as I congratulated him.

"Momma, did you see me?" He asked.

"Oh yes, I'm very proud of you," I said.

The little man smiled.

"I like that you use that word, momma," he said. "Proud."

I paused and smiled back.

"Of course I'm proud of you baby," I said as I hugged him.

"You're my little fish."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is Sweeter than Easter Candy, You Ask?

{The little man and his cousin partner in crime}

Sunday, April 4, 2010


There's been one question that has been on the little man's mind as of late.

It is constantly there ... always at the forefront of his mind.

And no one seems to have the answer, for one answer just brings about another round of questions. A vicious cycle, of sorts.


Because the little man had entered the ever-famous "why" stage.


Because he is 4. And 4-year-olds are very curious creatures.


Because it's a natural part of growing up and becoming more aware of the world around us.


Because the world is an interesting place. And there is so much to learn about it.


Because you can never learn too much.


Because it is good to expand our minds.


Because it makes us smarter, more in tune with everything that goes on around us.


Because when we learn something, we grow as individuals.




Because God made us and the world that way ...

... why?