Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Picasso in the Making

As I mentioned in an earlier post, little man recently started a new daycare and it really has been a wonderful change. Little man is loving every minute of it and has quickly become Mr. Popularity around there. (Even though he does still hog the toy doom during playtime.)

My most favorite part, however, is all of the artwork. I love seeing what new treasure little man will be bringing home each day. They really have challenged his little mind creatively speaking and each day he proudly shows me his latest masterpiece, being sure to point out "I make that."

Here are some of my favorites:

(My particular favorites are the farm scenes ... genius, don't you think? Yes, I am one of those moms.)

However, little man's personal favorite did leave mommy with quite the quandary. One day while picking him up for the day, little man proudly, excitedly showed me his artwork of the day. "I make that," he kept saying to me, so proud of his little masterpiece:

Apparently, his Bible story of the day was about how God healed the lepers. Granted, they didn't go into all the dirty details regarding the lepers, just about how God "healed the boo-boos." (Hence the "band-aides" on Naamen's arms.)

"I make that," little man proclaimed. "God healed boo-boos. He kiss it."

Little man then proceeded to kiss the leper, just like mommy does with his boo-boos.

"Oh, that's great," I said to him. "That's right."

As I tried to not talk about lepers the entire ride home, it was futile. Little man was exceptionally proud of this masterpiece. He wanted to tell dadddy all about it.

"Daddy!" He exclaimed when we walked in the house. "God healed the boo-boos. Kiss it!"

As my husband greeted little man in all of his excitement, he looked at the picture and had the same expression I'm sure I had moments before.

"Oh ... that's a nice ... picture," he said, looking at me inquisitively. He, too, was in leper-shock.

Little man then snatched the picture back from daddy and proceeded to walk over to the refrigerator, where the rest of his week's masterpieces hung.

"Mommy, put. PUT."

I sat there ... in a quandary. I knew how proud little man was of his picture, but to be honest, the thought of having a picture of a leper hanging in my kitchen was definitely ... unappetizing.

But, there sat little man, so proud of his picture.

And so the leper hung in all it's glory, displayed on the refrigerator amongst all of the other artwork.

That is, until at least the next week's batch of art filtered it's way on. And then, mysteriously, the leper was replaced by a big blue whale one night while little man slept.

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