Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Force

I've written before that as the mother of a boy, I am quickly learning that some things are just inherent to boys.




And now Star Wars.

The little man has recently discovered Star Wars. From the first moment he gazed upon a TIE Fighter and heard his first R2-D2 beep-dwoooop-beep, he has been hooked.

I had thought we still had at least few more years before he would succumb to the force, but apparently I was wrong.

Little boys LOVE Star Wars.

Although I do have to admit that his latest Star Wars obsession has been handy.

Did you know R2-D2 loves to eat peas?

{He does now, at least as far as the little man is concerned at the dinner table.}

A brand new Star Wars spaceship also comes in mighty handy when your 4-year-old needs to have stitches removed from his chin ... especially when he is not happy to be back at the hospital that gave him said stitches.

But the promise of a Star Wars surprise was enough to keep him at least moderately still while the nurse worked.

However, I should not have been surprised - the force does run in our family. My brother also succumbed to the force as a young child. My brother loves all things Star Wars and was glad to hear that his nephew has discovered his great love.

Although he lives a few states away, he and his family will be visiting this week.

And I'm sure to find a Jedi Master and his young Padawan sitting before the DVD player all weekend.