Monday, December 5, 2011

All I Want for Christmas ...

The little man is increasingly aware and susceptible to T.V. advertising as of late - any commerical that comes on will most likely result in the little man promptly telling us that we need to add XYZ to his Christmas list. His Christmas list is now so long we joke that it would it be easier for him to list what he doesn't want for Christmas.

So, the other day when the little man came running up the stairs to tell us about a new thing, neither my husband nor I were surprised.

"Mommy, Daddy - there's a new place with lots of new toys. Climbing things, bounce houses - all new kids stuff just for kids!" the little man proclaimed excitedly.

"Oh yeah?" I said, expecting to hear all about how we needed to go to Chuck E. Cheese, et. al.

"Yeah - and they have lots of new fish. NEW fish mommy. And you can go snorkeling in the OCEAN! It's at a place called Hawaii ... Can we go Mommy?"

I turned to my husband.

"Can we?" I asked.

And then my husband had two sets of eager eyes gazing at him ...