Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Pimpin' Toddler Style

I always like to joke with my son that "It's a good thing you're cute."

There is no doubt that his big blue eyes and coy little smile get him out of a lot of trouble. Heck, it even, almost reliably, gets him a free cookie from the little old lady behind the bakery counter at the grocery store every time.

And what's worse is that he knows it.

This perfect execution of cuteness was recently demonstrated at the lake. Enjoying the fresh new beginning of summer, we took advantage of a beautiful sunny day and decided to enjoy some time relaxing on our boat. My son has really been too young the past two years to take him out much on the boat, however now that he is older we are really enjoying our days at the lake.

We decided to go and drop anchor at a calm little cove to do some sunning/swimming. We had just gotten there when another boat with a couple our age cruised by to inquire about restaurants, etc. in the area. They were Brandy and Brent, who had just moved from Texas and were still getting their feel for the area. One conversation lead to another and before long we had our boats tied together and a new friendship in the making.

Then poor Brandy fell victim to my son's big blue eyes and coy little smile.

Brandy, who had been a preschool teacher in Texas, was an easy target for my son. With one little smile and a sweet little "hi," she was in love.

Before long, my son was on their boat, sharing a nice little picnic with Brandy, complete with chicken and green beans. The two were in their own little world, leaving me, my husband and Brent to ourselves.

As the rest of us went swimming, Brandy and my son enjoyed their little picnic and deep conversations about the merits of boats and toy trucks. When the chicken was all gone, my son and his new friend joined the rest of us on the sundeck of the boat.

My sweet little son then picked up Brandy's suntan lotion. He held it up to her and she asked him if he wanted to help her put some of it on her back. Ever the little helper, my son eagerly said "yeah." So, he held out his little hand as she squirted a little drop of lotion on it, then turned around for him to help her put it on her back. But, alas, my son is not that innocent.


Instead of spreading the suntan lotion on her back, my son chose to slap her right smack dab on the ... derriere.

He then turned around with a proud little smile and a devious laugh. He knew what he had done. And I knew he knew what he had done. We all did.

Fortunately, Brandy had already succumbed to the big blue eyes and coy little smile. All she could do was laugh. We all did. It's a good thing he's cute.

And at the end of the day, as I tucked my sweet little son into bed and turned on his soft frog nightlight, all I could think was "at least my son has game."

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