Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Ponderosa

I remember my mother telling me that one of her fondest childhood memories was going over to her Grandmother's house to watch Bonanza. They would have dinner together and then watch the Cartwright family on their latest adventure.

When the little man began his newest obsession – all things cowboy – I thought to outfit him with a cowboy hat, spurs, bandanna and boots. We've spent many afternoons with a little cowboy in our home and traipsing through our backyard "hunting."

We've even had many heated conversations about whether or not the outfit the little man was wearing was "cowboy." (Mommy may or may not be guilty of going so far as to pull up photos on the Internet of cowboys to show him that yes, that blue western plaid shirt, is just like the ones cowboys wear.)

However, when the sun went down and it was time to put on jammies, mommy was always at a loss of finding any "cowboy" TV for the little man to watch before bed.

So, we made do with Scooby Doo as best as we could.

I have to admit that Bonanza hasn't crossed my mind since my own days at home with my mother.

That's what a Mother-in-Law is for.

When Nana graciously agreed to take the little man for part of his Spring Break, we packed his cowboy gear up and sent him to a fun-filled extended weekend with Nana and Grandpa.

Anyone who knows my Mother-in-Law knows that little people are her calling. If there is a child in the room, that is where you will find her, whether it be singing a song, playing a game, reading a book or doing whatever adventure that child's imagination has them doing.

So, when the little man brought his cowboy obsession to Nana's house, Nana introduced him to Bonanza.

And we've been Bonanza-ing ever since.

Just as the old saying goes "A home is where you make it," so is a Ponderosa.

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