Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fire in the Sky

Things certainly are busier with two kids. Who would have thought that two kids was twice the work? Then you add in a husband who travels a lot for work … two dogs … Cub Scouts … summer camps … work … and life, in general.

Fortunately, we were able to slow down a bit for the Fourth of July. Although the little man had big fun last year with our water rockets, he was definitely itching to try his hand at something a little more exciting.

I guess we can chalk that one up to another year older and another year wiser. Now at 7-years-old, water just isn't as fun as fire.

Because our local municipality has a ban on all things fireworks, we headed out of town to Grammy Jo and Papa's, where fireworks are still very much legal.
And the little man did indeed light up the sky – day AND night.

At first a little timid, the husband started him off with easy things like smoke bombs.

But another year older and another year wiser, the little man was eager for the good stuff.

Before long, punk in hand, we had a virtual air strike in the neighborhood – rockets, parachute men and tanks were being lit and shot off. Mini dynamites and black cats were exploding around us. And – of course – there were the Saturn Missiles.

Fortunately for us, the only casualty of the night was Grammy Jo's mop bucket, which had been on hand (full of water) for safety reasons. That is, until daddy pulled out the mini dynamites with waterproof fuses.

And as I looked down at the video baby monitor to see that little sister was amazingly still sound asleep in her bed, I could only smile as the little man and the husband shared a laugh and marveled over their defeat of the mop bucket.


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