Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Little Man Turns 4!

It's hard to believe that is was four years ago that the little man entered our lives. It is true when they say that these years go by so fast. And while I still remember him as my little seven pound, three ounce little bundle of baby, it is still so fun to see the little man growing into his own person.

My lack of posting as of late is entirely due to the little man's birthday, the holidays and my need to be super mom. Because the little man's birthday is so close to Christmas, I am determined that his day be special, and not lumped into Christmas.

The little man has a great gift about him - he instantly makes friends with all that he meets and loves nothing more than being around his friends and other people. As the year has gone by, I have seen the little man form more and more friendships with the kids in his preschool class. So, as his birthday approached, I took a deep breath and uttered the words "Birthday Party" one day to my husband.

We both knew the little man would love nothing more than a birthday party to share with all of his friends. We also both knew that there was no way our house could possibly entertain that many 4-year-olds.

The solution? A private party room filled with gigantic inflatable bounce houses at a nearby mall.

And it was genius.

As the RSVP's rolled in, the excitement grew. Before long we had more little friends coming than we could believe. As each day passed, the little man would ask if this was the day of his party. He could barely stand the wait.

And then the day finally came.

As his little friends arrived the anticipation grew. Then, they finally opened the doors to the party room. Before we knew it, there was laughing, bouncing and smiles as far as the eye could see.

When the kids had their fill of bouncing, laughing, climbing and laughing, we then herded them up and capped the fun-filled afternoon with little man's very own chocolate Thomas the Train cake.

It was the perfect way to end the perfect day for the little man.


Lisa said...

Soooo glad they have party places! :-) I think your readers need video to hear the hysteria!!

If it doesn't arrive today, there should be something in the mailbox tomorrow. Super Aunt wasn't on the ball to get something in the mail before Saturday. . .

Just Jenny said...

It was a great party!
I can't believe our boys are four! It has been so fast! they need to slow down!!
Thanks for inviting us!

Oh yeah and thanks for the shot of my big behind going up the stairs on the slide! LOL!!!