Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

I apologize for my lack of updates recently. I have not only been swamped at work as of late, but have been busy working at home as well.

We also had big plans for Memorial weekend. Since my father so graciously helped us complete our big patio project last fall, we wanted to have a patio party to celebrate the completion of the project, as well as thank him for his help. We had decided to wait until Spring for the party, as by the time we completed the project the fall weather had already moved in and our yard was still completely decimated.

However, this Spring the husband and I fully intended to keep our promise. After some tender loving care (and a whole bunch of grass seed and water) our yard is now a thick, green turf once more. And so we made the phone calls and plans: the patio party was on. In addition to my parents, we were also able to coax my brother and his wife up for the weekend.

The pièce de résistance of the party - our family's famous grilled prime rib.

Yes - grilled. And oh-so-yummy.

{And lots and lots of wine.}

When we told the little man we were having a party, and that not only were Grammy Jo and Papa coming to the party, but so were Aunt KK and Uncle Lambo, little man squealed with glee.

"We having a party!" He exclaimed. "We gonna have CAKE!"


The thought of having cake at the party had never crossed our minds. Our mind was set solely on the succulent, heavenly rib.

{And wine.}

"No, we're going to have something better," my husband said. "We're going to have rib!"

Little man's once gleaming eyes and big smile quickly turned dark. He slouched in the chair.

"We gonna have cake," little man pouted. "It's a party, we have cake."

It suddenly occured to me that of course a 3-year-old didn't give a hoot about prime rib. He thought chicken nuggets were fine cuisine. To a 3-year-old a party means cake.

"Of course we'll have cake," I said. "We can have cake just for you."

My husband gave me the look. "Cake?" He asked me.

"That's his rib," I said. "I'll order a cake this week. Something special."

Little man's dark scowl again turned bright and cheery. He clapped his hands. After all, what is a party without cake?

And so the party came. KK and Lambo, Papa and Grammy Jo and mommy and daddy all feasted on their prime rib and toasted to the patio.

And little man feasted on his cake. Which, of course, was decorated especially for him with twactors.

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