Monday, April 20, 2009


As a Generation Xer, there were many toys that defined my childhood - Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Walkmans, Atari, Nintendo, etc.

However, there is one toy that brought both boys and girls together. One toy that, even today, I think the now grown-up children of my generation can still unanimously agree was probably the most awesome toy of our childhood. A toy that children spent their summers on, begged Santa for and was the pride and joy of both boys and girls across America.

The Big Wheel.

While I have been able to share my favorite books and some toys from my childhood with the little man, I was in my own state of shock and awe on the night before Easter. After tucking the little man into bed, Nana and Grandpa brought up little man's Easter present from them so that daddy could put it together.

We knew they were planning on getting him a tricycle or big-wheel-esque toy, but both my husband and were in complete shock to see the very same Big Wheel sitting before us that we had once loved so much as children.

It was the same Big Wheel. From the yellow handle bars, to the red body and the big black plastic wheel. It was a Big Wheel. Our Big Wheel.

We were amazed that not only did they still make official Big Wheels, but that they still made the original.

We laughed and reminisced about our Big Wheel days. And then we laughed little man's soon-to-be Big Wheel days. Days when he would just climb on his Big Wheel and cruise, just like we had. Racing down the steepest hill in the neighborhood with his friends. Seeing how far it could go in the mud. Wearing the black plastic wheels thin. The sound of the big plastic wheels against the concrete driveway.

Making his own childhood memories.

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