Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Name Game

It's funny how sometimes our normal, day-to-day routine and things that we, as adults, don't give much thought to can impact our children.

This week I had a very similar experience as my friend, Jenny. She also has a little guy, who is just a few days older than my little man. In her blog this week, she shares a discussion she recently had with her son, in which he informs her he does not want to be called any nicknames. That he is "Just A.J."

Tonight my husband had a dinner meeting and thus came home late, making it just the little man and I for dinner. We began discussing names and I worked with little man on pronouncing our last name - which is very unusual, complicated and thusly slaughtered by everyone.

Then little man asked me what my name was.

"My name is Desiree," I replied.

Little man sat there, silent and with a confused look on his face.

"No it's not!" He finally said. "You're funny, mommy."

Then I was confused. What, exactly did he think my name was?

"No, my name is Desiree," I said.

"No mommy, your name is Mommy!" Little man said. "Mommy Kwdddelwleeod." {Which was little man once again trying to pronounce our cursed last name.}

He was insistent that mommy was tricking him.

"And this is Cwasper," he said, pointing to our dog, Casper. "Cwasper Kwdddelwleeod."

I opened my mouth to correct little man and explain to him the differences between a title - mommy- and a name. But instead chose to keep my mouth shut and just bask in the wonderful light of being "Mommy."


Just Jenny said...

Love it! It is so hard for them to just "get it" when we as adults have "gotten it" for so long! Where do you begin to explain?
For the longest time A.J. referred to his daddy as "Keith" because he heard me call him that and thought that was what he needed to be called instead of “daddy” to get his attention.
Oh the simplicity of it all! Can’t we all just go back to being two again??

Meli said...
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Meli said...

That is such a cute post.

I have completely given up on having a first name. I am Maks' mommy and that is it. Even the teachers at the daycare call me that.

Keith said...

If you really want to throw him for a loop, try expaining to him that Pappa, Grammy Jo, Nana, and Grandpa all have other names too!!!

I think he is on name overload (as witnessed by his forgetting the name of his buddy Rufuss)....


Kara said...

Just wait until you try to teach him that Grammy Jo, PaPa, etc. are the mommy and daddy's to his mommy and daddy! =)